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Tue. May 23rd 2017
Residential Fire Alarm Wyeth Place

Dispatched 19:38 Residential Fire Alarm Wyeth Place. Per Comm Center Homeowner called PD False alarm, also Alarm Company Call...

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Mon. May 22nd 2017
Forceable Entry Faith Drive

Dispatched 20:32 for a possible forcable entry Faith Drive. Rescue 2 Responded Canceled Enroute. Deputy Chief Tarapchak had c...

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Sun. May 21st 2017
Three Car Mva South Hunter Highway

Dispatched 14:57 for a Three Car MVA with Fluids down. Multiple Call Possible Entrapment. Rescue 2, Ambulance 177 and Medic 1...

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News Headlines
Sun. May 21st 2017
Junior Training Session Thursday Night

There will be a Junior Training Session this Thursday Night May 25th at 7:00pm any Juniors available are asked to attend. Top...

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Sun. May 21st 2017
Valley Day Parade and Event Committee Meeting

Wed May 24th 6:30 PM there will be a Valley Day Parade and Events Committee Meeting in the back hall. We will be also orderin...

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Sat. May 20th 2017
Valley Regional Fire and Rescue Take Place at Community Day Conyngham Boro

Crews spent the day with the residents of Conyngham Boro for Community Day today. Many residents stopped and talked with the ...

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Ambulance 1 ALS/BLS
2016 Ford F450 PL Custom
Housed at Fire East
Ambulance 2 ALS/BLS
2015 Econoline Van ALS/BLS
Housed at Fire East
Ambulance 3 ALS/BLS
2006 Econoline PL Custom
Housed at Fire East
Ambulance 4/BLS
2003 Ford F-450
BLS Unit
Housed at Fire East
Engine 1
2003 KME Pumper
2000 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon Tank
Seats for 6 FFs
MSA Multi-Gas Meter
1 Vent Saw

14ft. Roof ladder
24 & 35ft. Extension Ladders
2000 ft. of 5 inch Hose
Cascade System
1st Due Engine out of Fire East
Engine 2
1999 Smeal Pumper
2000 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon Tank
Seats for 6 FFs
MSA Multi-Gas Meter
Cascade System
14ft. Roof ladder
24 & 35ft. Extension Ladders
1 Vent Saw
2000 ft. of 5 inch Hose
1st due Eng.out of Fire West
Engine 3
1994 Smeal Pumper
1500 GPM Pump
750 Gallon Tank
Portable Hurst Pump
Hurst Omni Tool 35 ft. Extension ladder
1500 ft. of 5 inch hose
Reserve Engine
Heavy Brush
1980 5 Ton Military Brush Truck
116 heavy brush

Primiary builders captain Chris kuhar and former liuentant Mike Gross. Project began in 2009. First saw service in 2011 with equipment upgrades every year since. It has combat 36 fires and operated in rescue efforts during the 2011 flood and 2017 blizzard

Vehicle specs
1976 am general 5 ton
Manual 5 speed
30 ton pto driven winch, led scene lighting package (enough to flash fry a vampire), holds 1200 gallons of water, preconnect roof turret 400ft 3" supply line, 350ft 1 1/2" rear preconnect, dual 200ft preconnect booster lines, 1000ft of 1" forestry hose, 150ft 13/4" attack line with tft. 10 Indian packs, assorted forestry and hand tools.
The yellow hood many people have asked about this. During the Vietnam War soldiers would build "gun trucks" for convoy escort. The majority of them had the yellow hood. So it's just our way of showing respect to the men who fought and died for our country
Hummer 1
1980 Humvee
Brush Unit
Stokes basket
Wildland tools
Indian Tanks
100 gallon tank with pump
200 ft 1inch hose
seats 4
Housed at Fire East
Rescue 1
1999 Ford Super Duty
Duty Chief Vehicle
Command Console
Battery Operated Jaws
Portable Lighting
Medical Bag (Med assist)
Housed at Fire East
Rescue 2
2007 Rescue 1 Heavy Rescue
Command Console
Seats 6 personnel
Full Compliment of Hurst Tools
8 Preconnected tools
Rope Rescue gear
Trench Rescue gear Swift Water Rescue gear
Dive Rescue gear
Resc. Jacks
Housed at Fire East
Tanker 1
1997 Ford Chassis
3800 Gallon Tank
350 GPM Water Pump
1 Dump Port.
Multiple 3 inch inlets for refilling
2500 Gallon Port-a-Pond
Seats 2 Personnel
Housed at Fire East
Valley Tower 1
1999 Spartan / LTI 85' rear mount Tower
85 Foot Rear Mount Tower
1500 GPM Pump
200 Gallon Tank
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